Refund & Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation Policy

At MajjuHoney, all orders are processed almost immediately after we get them. If we get the cancellation request before we ship the items, we will try our best to take the cancellation on an order by order basis subject to our discretion. Refunds provided for the cancelled order will take a maximum of 14 days after charging a 15% cancellation fee and will be received on the original mode of payment.

Amount Refund Policy for Failed Transactions
In case your amount was deducted from your account but transaction was not successful, then we will refund the amount at the earliest.
The process the refund the amount back to you may take 10-12 days. So please be patient. We assure you, that your money would be refunded back as at the earliest. We would advise you to place an order again.

Returns & Exchanges
Returns are not effective if you are not there to pick up the order. No refund will be provided in such circumstances.
Returns are not effective if you do not pick up the phone or information is incorrect. No refund will be provided in such circumstances.
We strongly recommend looking at the contents of your delivery and if you are not 100% satisfied with the honey, you are NOT obligated to take it. If you choose not to take it, you will be issued a full refund via original purchase method. Once the honey has been accepted from the delivery executive, MajjuHoney does not bear any responsibility for damages occurring to the honey and no refund will be provided for the same.
If you feel that the taste and other attributes of the honey is not as per your expectations, we request you to write to clearly explaining why. This helps us in improving our quality to give you a better experience next time. We will either do a refund or send a replacement honey based on your choice. However, MajjuHoney retains the right to accept or deny the complaint basis on what was promised on the website and general characteristics of the product delivered.

Out of Stock
If we are not able to supply the honey ordered due to lack of stock of key ingredients or other reasons, we will call you and offer you alternate choices. If you are not interested in any of them, we will issue a refund for the full amount through the original mode of payment.